Wednesday, September 14, 2011

most embarrassing teaching moment + race report

= a very long blog post....

so today marks my most embarrassing funniest teaching moment to date. which is saying something, i have had my fair share of awkward moments. including ripping my jeans from buns to knee. forgetting to turn off my microphone while going to the bathroom. and other small wardrobe malfunctions.

usually  it's the kids that make me laugh. this week i had a student cracking up in her seat as we sat doing a reading warm-up. i asked her what was so funny. she replied, "mrs. scott, check out number 7, it says dork nob...jajajajaja". the word was doorknob. later that same day a student commented on my new burlap toms. "your shoes look like band aids...oh, i mean that in a good way....hahahahaha".

all that to say, i laugh a lot throughout the day. but today i didn't really laugh until after the fact. because at first, i was too embarrassed to do anything.

here's what happened...we have been learning about the iditarod race in reading class. i thought i would show a few educational clips from the discovery channel for kids. here is the video we watched today seriously watch the video...and then you will understand why i just about died!

september race report: fairhaven 15k

part of my goal in participating in one race a month was to travel to different places. not far, that is just too hard logistically. it also has been fun training for a half marathon and using races as my long run for that week. fairhaven's 15k worked perfectly! 9.3 was more than a mile longer than my longest run and the course boasted the scenic pudget sound.

friday night addison and i drove five hours to bellingham to stay the night at my aunt and uncle's house. too bad we got there at 11pm, because the view of the the sound is amazing from their deck. my sweet cousin was waiting up for me and had even gone to the store to make sure i could have my toast and peanut butter in the morning.

the race was in a fairhaven, a cute neighborhood/district of bellingham. the race started with us first running 4 miles north,  (the course was described as flat, it was not). and then the course turned, dropping down into the marina and along the water for two or so miles. the last three were along a shaded path and then one final climb at mile 9 back to fairhaven.

i did okay. nothing amazing. i found that miles 4-6 were hard to stay mentally tough. i even stopped to walk thinking maybe i'd try the "run five miles walk one mile" method. turns out that is not for me. once i stop running my body thinks we are finished and it is HARD getting going again.

i kept thinking things like, " this is so lame, i could be drinking coffee and relaxing right now" or "why do i do this to myself, i am clearly not a runner...this is too hard" ...and whaaaa whaaa whaaa. but there was this lady, just ahead of me, and i focused on her arms swinging back and forth, back and forth. and i steadied my breath and cleared my mind. and slowly found my stride. and finished. which is all i race to do really.

the starting line, beautiful september morning

 the sound

 post race, so sweaty and tired (notice addison's shirt.."go mommy'...thanks kate)

 cheesy potatoes...i earned this puppies!