Thursday, March 18, 2010

daddy's girl

mackenzie looks just like her daddy. she's got huge brown eyes and mile long eyelashes. she even has sweet curls, a replica of justin's toddler hair. everywhere i go i hear it, "wow, she is justin's baby!" (well duh). i must admit after housing her for almost ten months and laboring for 17 hours, i would like a little mommy fingerprint on her. maybe she'll have my dance moves or a nostril flare when she laughs. 
today i spied on her when i got home from work. she was sleeping and i thought i would go have a little tearful "mommy joy" moment spying on a sleeping angel. instead i laughed. laughed all the way out of the room. she was sleeping with her blanket over her head...just like daddy. 
(i know what you're thinking...that doesn't look safe)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sun, fun, and the little lady


justin and i are going on a cruise. that's right, 7 days of sun and fun. we will be bouncing around from honduras, to belize, to mexico, and then the bahamas. we already laid out our clothes and did a fashion show of cruise wear. our excursions are planned...we did have to revise the plan about four times, mostly because i was worried for my life. there have been 3 deaths on the zipline, and i am pretty sure i would drowned myself scuba diving.  

did i mention the little miss will not be with us? mackenzie ryan, apple of my eye will be staying with her papa jack and grandma momo. a whole long week without my beautiful girl. i don't think i remember how to function in the world not as mommy. and even though i will miss her like a lost limb, i think it will be great for me and the hubs. four days 'til paradise!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

the burbs

if you had asked me five years ago where i might find myself in the near future, suburbia usa would not have made the list. i am not trying to offend. i think tj maxx is superb. i also am grateful for as little driving and as much convenience as possible. i think it all comes down to the fact that i am a bit snobby about where i grew up, where i am from. justin teases me about this. i am always so thrilled when someone asks, "where did you grow up?"....everyone always nods approvingly when i say bend. bend is the best. but i am in the burbs and i can't deny it. the good news is i have found a gem or two in my new hood. check out my latestet specimen....decarli. i have been there a few times. it is yummy. it is hip. the waiters wear black. i think i'm getting a little soft for beaverton.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

i love a new show. especially reality tv. i watched the first episode of this british spin-off. hooked. absolutely sold. sarah jessica parker learned she was related to an accused witch of the salem witch trials and a gold rush miner. isn't lovely? 
i am not sure, as in no one has ever told me this, but i think there was maybe a rebel in my family history. i think for sure a cook. maybe an artist. these are just guesses, but i bet i'm close. 
i am willing to say that most of us have a desire to know where we come from. who's nose, hands, feet, ankles (or cankles) did i get? i want to know my history. the story of my family. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


moving into a new house always holds the promise of new discoveries, hidden treasures, mysteries far on 6th street we have found an ancient doll house, dollies, magazines, pin ups, and the original plans to our house. by far, the best discovery was made yesterday. justin peered out the window and exclaimed (as only he can), "are those flowers?" indeed they were! ladies and gentleman our latest and most exciting find at 6th street--- a magnolia tree! as you can see from the below pictures it is buried among bamboo and whatever else. i will talk to my local garden center on how best to proceed...stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting Started

now i am sure this will only be followed by the likes of my mom and perhaps my best friend katie, but i thought it would be cathartic and fulfilling. there are so many little areas in our life that i thought if i could catalogue and record they would be imprinted in me forever. romantical and silly? yes! warning for readers: i make up words, and the real words i do use will be used perhaps wrongly. enjoy!