Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sun, fun, and the little lady


justin and i are going on a cruise. that's right, 7 days of sun and fun. we will be bouncing around from honduras, to belize, to mexico, and then the bahamas. we already laid out our clothes and did a fashion show of cruise wear. our excursions are planned...we did have to revise the plan about four times, mostly because i was worried for my life. there have been 3 deaths on the zipline, and i am pretty sure i would drowned myself scuba diving.  

did i mention the little miss will not be with us? mackenzie ryan, apple of my eye will be staying with her papa jack and grandma momo. a whole long week without my beautiful girl. i don't think i remember how to function in the world not as mommy. and even though i will miss her like a lost limb, i think it will be great for me and the hubs. four days 'til paradise!

1 comment:

  1. Cute hoodie Kenze! I want one.

    SO glad you guys are getting away into the sun, you will have such a great time. Soak up every second.

    Love you all!