Thursday, May 26, 2011

crafts for the baby girl(s)

i am a bit overwhelmed this week. i am getting not just one, but two new nieces. with all this expectation and excitement i had to do something with my hands to keep from bursting... so i got busy craftin'

here is what baby girl scott and baby girl rasmussen are getting from their dear ol' auntie:

tutus on baby girls are too cute? agreed?

a little friend

some flower clips... (this was also made into a lil headband)

ribbon covered clips

to my new girls...
with love,
auntie jess

dear readers, let me know if you are interested in any of the how to's on these little DIYs...they were all easy and fun!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

the scooter

justin bought a scooter. it's a sweet 1986 honda aero.  white with a blue seat, and an awesome "back to the future" speedometer. the best part, other than looking sleek and sexy, is that it costs as much as a latte to fill with gas.
last night i took it out for a spin. it took some convincing. but it turns out i'm a natural....check it

there were just a few mishaps that happened between home and the store. first, my skirt flew up. it was a little chilly and slightly embarrassing. luckily there were no witness... then, i had trouble getting the kickstand down. i was muttering to myself and trying to push the bike forward to get the kickstand to stay down. i was contemplating leaning it against the wall, but then tried rolling the scooter back and botta-bing, the scooter parked. which is lucky for me because justin told me if i had leaned the scooter against the wall it would have been my last ride.

watch out world, jessica is a scooter-ridin'-girl!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mama's girl

i am such a mama's girl...and proud of it!
today is my mom's birthday. i wish i was there to celebrate with her. the month of may has always been her birthday month, because mother's day and her birthday were always just a week or so apart...she has been heard more than once saying, "you have to be nice to's my birthday month!"

i love love love her so much...and as i sit and try and think of what it is exactly that i love the very most about would have to be the joy and warmth that she exudes. people (especially strangers) are drawn to her. here are some memories and pictures that help show my point:

when we were in NYC together, she convinced the people around us on the packed subway she was from boston by using her fake accent. she was talking really loudly about things like her "caa" (car) and pretty soon the guy next to us asked, "where in new england are you from?"...oh brother!
(for the record she is from california....)

this is another great example of her carefree ways... mackenzie and nana had a fun day at the portland children's museum painting eachother's faces. she then proceeded to the grocery store to pick up a few things before heading home. she was stopped in the store, high-fived, cheered, and giggled at...why? oh, because she was walking around with her face paint still on, why not?

this year to celebrate her "birthday month" we went to see was fabulous! she of course was encouraging me to switch seats and go snag some "vacant" spots three rows ahead...story of my life. i finally agreed, but as soon as she plopped down in our new stolen seats, she declared the view was not nearly as good, and to my relief we returned to our original seats.

i love you mom! so glad you were born. smooches!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

conversing with the girls

here is a little snippet of mackenzie, addison and i this evening:

mackenzie (crying): where'd daddy go?
me: daddy went to work darlin'
addison: wheeeeeeee!

justin comes running in because he forgot something. he is wearing his helmet and goggles for the scooter. picture this:

me: laughing really hard
justin: what?
mackenzie: daddy!

justin goes out the door.

addison: whaaaaaaaaa!
mackenzie: did daddy go to mexico?
me: mexico?
mackenzie (nodding her head): daddy's in mexico.
me: mexico?
mackenzie nods
me: daddy's at a meeting, he'll come in and give you lots of kisses when he gets home
addison: toot
mackenzie: did he say "nice to meet you" to his friends?
me: what? oh, right the meeting... um. yeah
addison: ooooooooooo iiiiii ooooooo
mackenzie: where's my teapot?

Monday, May 9, 2011

mothers day is the best day

even though today is monday, i still had a smile on my face all day....cause my weekend was awesome!

on saturday miss addie and i celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby ella. her hair was stunning as usual.

the cinco de mayo 10k. this is before the race on sunday. how can you tell? the look of extreme pain is missing...

 justin, mackenzie, and addison cheered me on. they gave me these beautiful flowers and were at the 6 mile marker cheering me on. (notice the look of pain, masked with a smile).

  cornbread waffles from the food carts in north portland. yum-o!

kenze and i being that little mug!

then justin showered me with extravagant gifts.
we worked in the garden in between the rain showers.
 and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner.
the end.