Tuesday, May 10, 2011

conversing with the girls

here is a little snippet of mackenzie, addison and i this evening:

mackenzie (crying): where'd daddy go?
me: daddy went to work darlin'
addison: wheeeeeeee!

justin comes running in because he forgot something. he is wearing his helmet and goggles for the scooter. picture this:

me: laughing really hard
justin: what?
mackenzie: daddy!

justin goes out the door.

addison: whaaaaaaaaa!
mackenzie: did daddy go to mexico?
me: mexico?
mackenzie (nodding her head): daddy's in mexico.
me: mexico?
mackenzie nods
me: daddy's at a meeting, he'll come in and give you lots of kisses when he gets home
addison: toot
mackenzie: did he say "nice to meet you" to his friends?
me: what? oh, right the meeting... um. yeah
addison: ooooooooooo iiiiii ooooooo
mackenzie: where's my teapot?


  1. Is he wearing his helmet too and knee pads, etc. No babies on the scooter right?????? Funny this sounds like one of those old peoples cards...like I have seen so many times.
    xo Nana

  2. I just died laughing. Oh the life...