Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mama's girl

i am such a mama's girl...and proud of it!
today is my mom's birthday. i wish i was there to celebrate with her. the month of may has always been her birthday month, because mother's day and her birthday were always just a week or so apart...she has been heard more than once saying, "you have to be nice to me...it's my birthday month!"

i love love love her so much...and as i sit and try and think of what it is exactly that i love the very most about her...it would have to be the joy and warmth that she exudes. people (especially strangers) are drawn to her. here are some memories and pictures that help show my point:

when we were in NYC together, she convinced the people around us on the packed subway she was from boston by using her fake accent. she was talking really loudly about things like her "caa" (car) and pretty soon the guy next to us asked, "where in new england are you from?"...oh brother!
(for the record she is from california....)

this is another great example of her carefree ways... mackenzie and nana had a fun day at the portland children's museum painting eachother's faces. she then proceeded to the grocery store to pick up a few things before heading home. she was stopped in the store, high-fived, cheered, and giggled at...why? oh, because she was walking around with her face paint still on, why not?

this year to celebrate her "birthday month" we went to see wicked...it was fabulous! she of course was encouraging me to switch seats and go snag some "vacant" spots three rows ahead...story of my life. i finally agreed, but as soon as she plopped down in our new stolen seats, she declared the view was not nearly as good, and to my relief we returned to our original seats.

i love you mom! so glad you were born. smooches!

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