Saturday, May 21, 2011

the scooter

justin bought a scooter. it's a sweet 1986 honda aero.  white with a blue seat, and an awesome "back to the future" speedometer. the best part, other than looking sleek and sexy, is that it costs as much as a latte to fill with gas.
last night i took it out for a spin. it took some convincing. but it turns out i'm a natural....check it

there were just a few mishaps that happened between home and the store. first, my skirt flew up. it was a little chilly and slightly embarrassing. luckily there were no witness... then, i had trouble getting the kickstand down. i was muttering to myself and trying to push the bike forward to get the kickstand to stay down. i was contemplating leaning it against the wall, but then tried rolling the scooter back and botta-bing, the scooter parked. which is lucky for me because justin told me if i had leaned the scooter against the wall it would have been my last ride.

watch out world, jessica is a scooter-ridin'-girl!


  1. Completely jealous of both your retro scooter and your new blog background! I have a hard time finding cute backgrounds :)

  2. GEt off of that thing . The streets are no longer safe:} and what about the children??? Just kidding. But it worries me those scooters.
    xo MOM

  3. You are so funny. Really, with a skirt on?!