Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas chain...thing...

I have been tossing around different ideas for an advent calendar for Mackenzie this year. I didn't want her to just munch on chocolate, get a cheap gift everyday, or mix up the meaning of what this season is about...I guess I wanted it to be a little more intentional.

So this is what we did:
First: We cut 30 strips of paper and numbered them, 25 for Christmas, and an additional 5 for her birthday  on the 30th.
Next: I wrote little things on each strip, I listed my ideas below
Then: My glue elf (Mackenzie) and I assembled them in a fancy chain
Last: And then we hung it up to enjoy....

So each day we are going to open one link and enjoy a little holiday cheer! 

December 1st: finding the most beautiful tree!

Here are some of my ideas...
  1. Let's go find the most beautiful Christmas tree of all (Pioneer Court house square)
  2. Time to go see Santa (Downtown Beaverton's Christmas tree lighting)
  3. Read the story of Jesus' birth together, using the nativity scene
  4. Make a gingerbread house
  5. Surprise! Family is coming
  6. Make ornaments (this is something we will do a couple of different times) for the grandparents
  7. Make wrapping paper (stamp plain paper)
  8. Make Christmas cookies for our neighbors
  9. Write Santa a letter
  10. Read Christmas stories
  11. Make hot cocoa
  12. Christmas music dance party 
  13. Pick out a Christmas gift for baby sister
  14. Wrap presents
  15. Mail Christmas presents
  16. Surprise! Sleepover with grandparents
  17. Missing you today (she'll be gone at her sleepover)
  18. Pick out a present for Daddy
  19. Make thank you cards 
  20. Family is coming today!
  21. Bake Santa cookies
  22. Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday Jesus!
(that will be 25 things since we are making ornaments 3 times). 
for her birthday countdown...
  26. Let's look through your baby book! (a personal favorite of Miss Mackenzie's)
  27. I love you because....
  28. Let's go find snow (headed to SunRiver)
  29. Let's plan your special day tomorrow!
  30. Happy Birthday Mackenzie!