Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 1

day zero:
our arrival day we ate out at venus lounge, a thai place...i know thai food in mexico??? don't judge! this place is hopping with yummy restaurants and surprisingly venus lounge was listed as #1 on trip advisor. i'd give it a 4 outta 5. yummy spring rolls, don't miss those puppies if you're ever here!
addie may or may not have eaten out of a bowl on the floor...yup, we are those parents.
great service, yummy food, worth the trip.
the best part of day one:

we walked all over town and after nap time made our way to el jardin. this is truly the heart of san miguel. some sweet school girls were playing, maybe it was their recess?? they were amazingly kind to mackenzie, and i was emotional as i watched them include her in their games. what a sweet way to be welcomed to sma.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting Here!

justin and i have spent months planning our trip to mexico. as we took stock of our traveling companions (mackenzie 3 years, and addison 17 months)...we realized it would look different than any trip we have ever taken! so we decided to take our time, break it up, and enjoy the trip there. it was the right choice, although we certainly were ready to arrive in san miguel.

leg one: beaverton to san ramon (east bay)
15 hours of driving, two littles, a picnic, bag full of junk food, and an engine light flashing makes for an interesting trip down. the girls did great, our car however barely made it. not exactly the way we wanted to start the trip. the tribeca is spending our vacation in the shop. **wince**
ready to go!
all smiles!

sleeping like babes!

uh oh...

leg two: san ramon to l.a.
quick trip by plane from oakland to los angeles. it was mostly painless, our lap-riding girl, addie, was a wiggle worm...sometimes the plane ticket is almost worth it!
cousins are the best!
go oakland!

we made a quick stop in san fran

the fam...

leg three: l.a. to guadalajara
the three hours went fast. the girls slept and read books. we filled out our custom forms and crossed our fingers for smooth sailing as we went through customs on the other side, it always makes me nervous. we picked up our bags and sent them through the x-ray machine. as the doors slid open to enter into the rest of the airport, i could see my mother waving frantically with a sign. what a great way to be welcomed into mexico.
on our way!

what a beautiful city

leg four: guadalajara to san miguel
five hours by bus. we were towards the back of the bus, near the bathroom. oh. my. word. the stench. i almost died...almost. lesson learned, buy seats toward the front of the bus.
almost there!
and we are here!