Saturday, March 13, 2010

the burbs

if you had asked me five years ago where i might find myself in the near future, suburbia usa would not have made the list. i am not trying to offend. i think tj maxx is superb. i also am grateful for as little driving and as much convenience as possible. i think it all comes down to the fact that i am a bit snobby about where i grew up, where i am from. justin teases me about this. i am always so thrilled when someone asks, "where did you grow up?"....everyone always nods approvingly when i say bend. bend is the best. but i am in the burbs and i can't deny it. the good news is i have found a gem or two in my new hood. check out my latestet specimen....decarli. i have been there a few times. it is yummy. it is hip. the waiters wear black. i think i'm getting a little soft for beaverton.


  1. Oh no! You are caving :) Hey, as long as Decarli is not a chain you are good to go. actually your neighborhood is quite cute, some fun coffee shops too :)


  2. I keep hearing all about decarli from friends and clients - I must try it! everyone says it's soooo good!

  3. We loved Decarli when we went with you guys, very good indeed and it's in such a cool old building.