Thursday, March 18, 2010

daddy's girl

mackenzie looks just like her daddy. she's got huge brown eyes and mile long eyelashes. she even has sweet curls, a replica of justin's toddler hair. everywhere i go i hear it, "wow, she is justin's baby!" (well duh). i must admit after housing her for almost ten months and laboring for 17 hours, i would like a little mommy fingerprint on her. maybe she'll have my dance moves or a nostril flare when she laughs. 
today i spied on her when i got home from work. she was sleeping and i thought i would go have a little tearful "mommy joy" moment spying on a sleeping angel. instead i laughed. laughed all the way out of the room. she was sleeping with her blanket over her head...just like daddy. 
(i know what you're thinking...that doesn't look safe)

1 comment:

  1. hilarious! she's go your little sassy tude though. mama's girl fo sho