Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

i love a new show. especially reality tv. i watched the first episode of this british spin-off. hooked. absolutely sold. sarah jessica parker learned she was related to an accused witch of the salem witch trials and a gold rush miner. isn't lovely? 
i am not sure, as in no one has ever told me this, but i think there was maybe a rebel in my family history. i think for sure a cook. maybe an artist. these are just guesses, but i bet i'm close. 
i am willing to say that most of us have a desire to know where we come from. who's nose, hands, feet, ankles (or cankles) did i get? i want to know my history. the story of my family. 

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  1. hmmm, haven't heard of this show. either in britain or the us. sounds interesting.