Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting Started

now i am sure this will only be followed by the likes of my mom and perhaps my best friend katie, but i thought it would be cathartic and fulfilling. there are so many little areas in our life that i thought if i could catalogue and record they would be imprinted in me forever. romantical and silly? yes! warning for readers: i make up words, and the real words i do use will be used perhaps wrongly. enjoy!


  1. You got that right! I am so excited for your blog, you should have started this years ago :)

  2. Well Miss Jess....I must say, I'm enjoying this blog-action. You're the type of personality that has probably been tempted by the thought of creating a blog...it's like wanting to be a DJ or something "here are my thoughts..." Fulfilling! The greatest part about this is that you are well-spoken and articulate...I expect great things! :)

  3. by the way...that last comment was from me--Brit Briner