Monday, October 18, 2010


a few years ago i met my sister. let that sink in for a minute.

and this weekend we were visiting her and her cute family in california.

at the house

(the cousins minus jordan, he's too big for that table)

(they had such a ball together. jason, kenzie, peyton, jeremy, and avery)

(the backyard was a hit)

(painting pumpkins)

(just to prove we did more than take pictures of the kiddos)

(look at miss peyton. what a kissable face. i did in fact smother the poor child with kisses all weekend.)

soccer game
(jeremy kicking the ball, he made two goals. i think he was trying extra hard since he had the biggest fan club at the game)

 (mackenzie at half time)

(jason drawing pictures in my planner during the game. he gave me three notes that said i love you on them. what a sweetie!)

(this is my sister teri and her husband rob. i had to crop the pic because they were in the hot tub and i don't know how she'd feel about me posting bathing suit pics of her on my blog. so now they look naked. )


  1. They totally look naked! That was my first thought. haha! Hi pregger mama! You are so cute, I miss you. Great photos, I can't wait to hear more about it. Peyton is a DOLL and miss Kenzie's hair is amazing!

  2. I cried when I read your blog (partially because I look naked, but mainly because it was such a special time) :) Thanks for being here. LOVED our visit.

  3. I am not as big a cry baby as Teri, FINALLY someone to out do me in the crying dept. Loved the time with all of My children and grand children. Amazing and so grateful.
    Blessed and Happy,
    Nana Nancy
    Loved the pics. want to copies and so does TEri