Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i like to label things. it must be the teacher gene or something, but life feels a little simpler when things are labeled. i wanted to label kenze's new toy bins with little chalkboard labels but couldn't find them anywhere. i wasn't really up for another DIY project, but i thought why not? at this point it is a drop in the bucket. 

DIY chalkboard labels:
(spray paint and labels from paper zone, colored chalk fred meyers)

labels, chalkboard spray paint, chalk

 first, spray labels allowing them to dry for 24 hours before use (i did two coats)

next,  write and stick
(it would have been easier to place them first, i smudged the chalk when i was placing them)

maybe i'll use the rest for a little chalkboard in her room?


  1. Ahhhh pal...those look so perfect and so cute, I am smiling so big right now! I love being a part of some of these "little" things along the way and sharing in the process with you! Gooood thing we perservered in getting to that Paper Place!! Love the way they turned out-amazing!