Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween and kitchen update

halloween was a blast. we made a quick trip to bend to visit the fam. kenze had the time of her life. my favorite part was when she'd try and give the person a hug after they had given her candy.

kenze the cow, avery the ballerina, and peyton the flower fairy

trick or treating at papa's house. kenze hugged and kissed their dog.  

nana the cowgirl, kenze, and papa mike the crazy hippi guy 

 go giants! we copied teri's husband rob's pumpkin...it was such a good idea for a pumpkin  

evelyn, katie, kenze and i at the old mill.  

kitchen updates: as for the kitchen, well we are further along than the pictures show, but i didnt want to skip sharing any of the process.
the wood floors turned out perfect. we still have to stain it.

the kitchen color, hard to see it here but we love it. it is a greenish gray called "forest khaki".

steve and justin putting the cabinets up

coming soon, cabinets and appliances!! woot woot!


  1. woo hoo!! can't wait to see more!

  2. I love that she gave hugs and wanted to after the candy - so sweet!

  3. REmind me to stop dressing up. I am goofy looking enough already. The pics are so great. Thanks for making the effort to come all that way for a very fun time . Love Love Love that cow........... baby. and her mommy too.

  4. Love the Halloween pics! And the kitchen wall color is pretty much perfect!!!