Tuesday, November 16, 2010

baby names

my due date is just around the corner. our house is in chaos. my to-do list keeps growing instead of shrinking. and if i hear another comment about the size of my belly i might really lose it. seriously, the things people say when you are pregnant.

but i thought i would take a minute and share the names we picked out. i am getting so excited to know if it is a boy or girl...and for the record mackenzie says it is a girl.

our girl name: addison joy scott

our boy name: benjamin edward scott

what do you think friends? boy or girl?


  1. Love love both names!! Duh. I honestly have no idea what the gender is but I'll lean towards boy for the fun of it. Can't wait!!

  2. For some reason....I think BOY:)!

  3. Either way I think you should name the baby after Uncle Chuck...."cheese". Then you would have Mac and Cheese for kids. Just kidding of course. As far as the gender goes I'm thinking "healthy"!!! Hugs. Pops

  4. LOVE both names :) so exciting you are waiting to find out...did you do this with mackenzie?

    ugh. i know what you mean...at my own shower a "friend" said "sure i'll take a picture with the mom to be...at least i know she'll be fatter than me" UGH.

    hahaa oh well...we are SO excited for you three!!