Thursday, December 2, 2010

christmas at the scott house...

i am not sure if it the christmas season, or the pregnancy hormones (i've  been pregnant two out of the last three christmases), but i get a little crafty fever. check out some of my not-so-martha projects below. regardless, my home is decked out and i am lovin' it. it is especially fun to watch kenzie experience this holiday season. she is so impressed with every christmas tree, ornament, snowman, snow globe, stocking, and the nativity seen. she refers to baby jesus as baby moses sometimes, but despite her confused theology it is a joy to celebrate with her!

 cousin henry and mackenzie at the christmas tree farm. 

 kenzie with mommy (and baby). 32 weeks along, in case you were wondering.

 this year's craft project. mooberry friends, do those letters look familiar? a little borrowed die-cut action from school. all the christmas cards we receive will hang from the ribbons.

the card holder plus baby moses...i mean baby jesus 

 these knit stockings are an ongoing christmas project. notice ellie's is the only one with her name. justin's has a "D" for daddy...but mine and kenzies are still a work in progress. justin also reminded me baby will need one too. i will start baby's next year!

 another christmas project from years past. it is a cute polka-dot pattern. this year i added the fuzz balls. so cute!

Merry Christmas!
From our house to yours!


  1. The green trim looks great on the tree skirt Jess!! See?? You're an awesome seamstress! Love you guys lots!

  2. So cute! Love your die cut card holder. I've been trying to find a better solution for mine. Might "borrow" your idea :)

  3. So festive! I love it. Is Kenzie's vest from Old Navy with butterflies on it? Literally almost got it for Ev but they didn't have her size then almost ordered it online but instead just settled for a not-as-cute-but-on-sale gray one.