Monday, December 20, 2010

a day with mackenzie...

today was a funny day. it was just mackenzie and i, nothing too eventful...but here were the highlights:

first stop, last minute christmas shopping. mackenzie did really good through most of the store...until she started yelling, "poop! poop! poop!" in the shoe aisle (okay i was looking a little for me too). i pasted a smile on my face and scurried to the bathroom. as we were making the last round before heading to the register, she started patting me and saying "mommy's boobies" (over and over). i pasted the smile on again, while removing her hands and shaking my head at her. she didn't catch the hint.

on the way home we sang christmas carols. mackenzie loves to sing, but mostly she just shouts the last word of each line...for example
"jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..." (me)
"huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh WAY..." (kenze)

i made stroganoff for dinner. it was too salty, but i'm not one (especially pregnant) to turn my nose up to food. we've been teaching mackenzie to clear her plate. which is pretty tricky, considering there is a good fifteen feet from the table to the sink. tonight as she lifted, on tippy-toe, her plate into the sink- she dumped ALL the leftover stroganoff over her head. it dripped from her hair and she stood shocked with her mouth open, justin and i laughed....i laughed so hard i had to cross my legs.

then, we were getting the sticky little one into the bath and i noticed a killer diaper rash. probably the worst she has ever had. it was obviously painful. mackenzie kept pointing to her red, chapped buns saying, "mommy kiss it! mommy kiss it!". she chanted it over and over until i finally blew her little buns a kiss. she reluctantly excepted it, giving up on the idea of mommy kissing her hiney.  

i tucked her in tonight, and sang our night-night song. i asked her who she wanted to pray for. she said her hat. i giggled through our prayers.

what a day with my girl!we thought it would be funny to bury her last night in all the wrapping paper, after opening presents with momo and papa..oh, and this is the hat that got prayers tonight...


  1. awesome... again thanks for sharing! uncle jim

  2. I bet these are the days you will remember most 40 years from know... sounds like a good one. Merry Christmas to one of the cutest families we know!

  3. How did we ever live without her? papa

  4. I so enjoy reading about your adventures with Kenzie!! Merry Christmas...see you soon, love Grandma Jean

  5. She is such a little monkey! I love her so much.

  6. Oh how I love that little bug. Congrats on raising such a funny little lady. xxo-km