Monday, January 9, 2012

ear update...can you hear me now?

the last few days i have been meaning to log in and write an update. but time slips through my fingers...

take this evening for example:
scene- justin and i bathing the two littles

justin: i laid that towel out for you this morning, did you not see it? (pointing to the towel still neatly folded on the counter)
me: i didn't shower this morning.
justin: (scrunching his nose) oh.
me: i was too busy
justin: i love you anyways.

true love. 

anyways, on to ears...
so i went to see my doc on friday. and i do have an update. but before that, some of you dear friends have asked if i like my doc. like....i am not sure, let me describe...even though i have only seen him in scrubs, i picture this 50-something man with tortoise shell jfk glasses to a) drive a sports car b) wear cable knit white sweaters c) own many pairs of loafers and d) perhaps visit the hamptons... he is just too cool. and i am not so cool. but i picked him because he is suppose to be good, really good.

so mr. jfk glasses started the appointment by hitting the tuning fork and holding it behind my ear. in the past this was where i could hear the best on my right side, with the tuning fork pressed up against the bone. he then held it in front of my ear. before he could even ask, i told him...i hear it better in front! ear is working!

he asked if i noticed the better hearing in day-to-day life, i said yes but everything is pretty muffled. he looked in my ear with a camera. gross. "here's why" he said, nodding (nonchalantly because he is so cool) with his chin at the image of a black wall blocking my entire ear canal. "blood clot".

he tried pulling the clot, or i should say poking the clot out, but it was too painful. so i am on antibiotic drops that will hopefully cause the ear to drain and we can have another look at how it has healed.

most importantly i want to say thank you for all your sweet notes of encouragement, check-ins, text, continues to catch me off guard the way that people genuinely care and ask for an update. thanks friends. you're the best.


  1. Yay for an update! Love you lots :)

  2. Jess,
    I'm glad Debbie shared your blog with me... I'm now MUCH more caught up on your life. Part of the reason I wanted to follow this is because I feel like we never get to chat anymore! Thanks for sharing about your ear surgery... it's really good to hear that you're on the road to recovery and hopefully MUCH better hearing in the near future. Love ya!