Thursday, September 16, 2010

baby bean

we went to our 20 week check up this week. baby put on a good show. lots of burrowing. lots of kicking. lots of stubborn hiding from the ultra sound tech. best line of the appointment came from my mom, who considers herself a bit of an expert as this was her fourth grandchild's ultrasound.

mom: gasp "oh sweet pea, look at that! so adorable"
me to the ultra sound tech: "what are we looking at?"
ultra sound tech lady: laughing "the kidneys"

can you see the little mug? kissable right?


  1. a boy or girl? you found out., its the 20 week check upp:) hehe.

  2. Soooo kissable!! What a defined little face he/she has already Did you stay strong on not finding out the gender?? I love this baby so much!

  3. omg it's already BEAUTIFUL!!!

    love you,

  4. Halfway there. Hang in there.Love you

  5. Is that a mouth or a kidney????? Just Kidding. Love you <Love that baby. So amazing 4th or whatever.......This one is so special to me.xoxo Nana