Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mackenzie's room phase one

well the bad news is that i ordered the fabric for mackenzie's room and the fabrics didn't mesh very well. the good news is that we picked the two pieces we really liked and found some others to go with it. 

here is mackenzie's new bed. it turned out great. now we just have to get her in it and pray she sleeps the night. 

phase one: bed

 (we started at night, in the driveway measuring out the bed. we had already bought a mattress at ikea.)

 (after agreeing on the design, we cut out foam to match the size that would be upholstered)

 (i used some of the fabric to make covered buttons)
 (we centered them and marked them with pins, this shows one of the new fabrics we went with)

 (the bed. so cute and small)

 (using a staple gun we attached the fabric, batting, and foam)

 (we first tried one method of attaching the buttons that failed, so then we drilled screws where the buttons would be. we wanted the gathered tufted look.)
 (the headboard ready to be attached to the bed)

 (we then attached the upholstered piece to the frame, little miss curly was very interested in the process.)
 (she LOVES her bed)

 (we hot-glued the fabric buttons over the screws...i don't know how sturdy they will be, i guess we'll find out!)

(happy happy happy)
(the final product. notice the cute 4" hairpin legs? we decided to leave the bed frame wood.)

 phase two: not sure yet...either a chair, curtains, paint color, rug


  1. I don't know which is cuter the bed or her. Oh yes I do. What talented and creative people you two are. She is so lucky to have such wonderful,loving, and thoughtful parents as to take the time and make her her very own bed. It is sooo soo cool.
    Love the buttons, fabric and style.
    Way to go Scotts!!
    xoxoxo Nana

  2. Jessica, this is SO cute! Where did you find the legs for the bed?

  3. you guys are so stinkin crafy!! I love it!!!

  4. I love it! Way to go. And wow, that girl has curls! Derek was telling me how amazing her hair is. Sweet.