Monday, September 20, 2010

swimmin' lessons

kenzie had her very first swimmin' lessons. she gets to go with daddy. i gave special instructions to take pictures because i kinda felt like it was the first day of school. i laughed and laughed when justin showed me the pictures. mackenzie showed up wearing nothing but her bathing suit, parka, and rain boots.

it's a 9:30am class, so i assuming most of the attendees are stay at home moms. probably the ones with snacks in their purse, extra wipes in the glovebox and an ever ready pair of clothes in the trunk just in case. so picture those moms' faces as my little gem entered the pool wearing this getup.

(she loves to put on this swimsuit, she wears it over clothes around the house almost daily)

(the getup)

(ready to go show off in the pool)


  1. Kalee's most famous gettup was what she DIDN'T wear. She was 2 1/2, and Michael was getting her ready to go to her Wee Care Day Care on the seminary campus. He was heading to classes, I was already at work in the building next door to the day care. The day was biting cold -- late autumn in Minnesota. I happened to glance out the office window as they passed by me, Michael pulling Kalee along the path in her little red wagon...and she wearing nothing but a blanket wrapped around her. She had refused to get dressed that morning, so he gave up the fight, wrapped her in the blanket and took her to school. She still remembers standing in her underwear in the foyer of the building, embarassed because the other kids thought her outfit a bit strange. That was the last time she showed up in public (to my knowledge) in her underwear -- Karen

  2. She is so amazingly funny just being herself. Love her style
    xo Love you

  3. you got one cool character on your hands! life will be amazing with her! hugs! uncle jim

  4. she is such a gem. tell her to keep that sassy style! :)