Wednesday, January 5, 2011

full term

today marks the 37th week of this pregnancy....if baby decided to come now, we are in the clear. the doctor says the baby is about 6 lb to 6.5 lbs ---i am thinking more like 10-12 lbs, at least that is what my lower back and displaced hip sockets think.

this weekend is "operation baby wrap up". a few of my favorite gals are meeting me to wrap up those last details before i can go willingly to the hospital. i am one of those worriers who likes to not just have my ducks in a row, but color coordinated and ordered by size if this weekend is necessary. 

here's the to-do list:
  •  complete nursery decorations
  •  wash and fold baby clothes (if it is a girl, she will have more clothes than paris hilton--however, a boy will be mostly naked or dressed in pink princess jammies...the beauty of hand-me-downs)
  • no sew curtains (check out my pal kir's blog on the "how to" for this little ditty)
  • pack hospital bag
  • have car seat installed
  • pick up last few baby items at store

i promise to post the completed baby nursery and lil' curly's big girl room next week! (unless i've just given birth, in which case my next post may not be for six months.)


  1. Good luck with the baby wrap-up! Wish I was there to lend a hand. Let me know if there is anything I can do from afar!

  2. You can not have this baby till after the 18th RIGHT!!!!!!!
    Love, a fearful Mom

  3. eeee!!!!!!!!!! how exciting jessica!!!!!!!!! i will be praying for you & the new baby :)
    i too have not blogged in quite some's a nice goal but have yet to achieve :)

  4. Loved this precious post - so antsy to meet the little one:). Love you!