Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scott, party of four!

addison joy has made her debut. all of us, including big sister, are in love. my labor was fantastic, if labor can be called that.
my favorite moment was when the doctor handed her over to justin saying, "would you like to do the honors, dad?" and justin checked the parts, smiled down at me and stated, "looks like a girl to me!" SURPRISE!! 

and here are some pictures of our little sweet pea:

big sister meeting her new best friend

oh my, i have kissed this face a million times already and it still is not nearly enough!

her rockin' hair was the talk of the birthing unit

 happy happy happy

 M checking things out

 the girls...

 welcome to the world, addison joy!


  1. thanks for posting...I hope you will post from time to know how much they change from week to week!! What precious girls you have!! Grandma Jean

  2. What a perfect little peanut she is! She looks so much like you but with a perfect mix of Justin too. I love her so much. Way to go mama, good work!

  3. I love all the pics, especially the last one and the one of Kenze holding her! She is just so beautiful. It was really fun skyping tonight :) The boys thought it was a kick too!