Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Goes So Fast...

how many times have you heard that before? i swear, when mackenzie was born every other person (specifically mothers) i talked to said those words to me. and no wonder. as mackenzie pranced around the other night in her new bathing suit, i found myself picturing her all rolly and polly in her very first red swim suit. and the words echoed in my heart, it goes so fast. so here's to treasuring every fleeting moment, all the stages we swear are the best, the sleepless nights and the first steps...i'm so excited to do it again with miss addison!

 mackenzie, 6 months, zihuatanejo mexico

mackenzie, 2 years


  1. Ok so I'm pregnant and emotional but still....this made me a little misty eyed jess. I'm feeling exactly the same way lately with Henry about to turn 2, it's such a fun journey with little ones but it does "go by so fast"....just in time for more babies :-)

  2. LOVE this post pal. Will you remember to remind me of this if/when I become a mom? You are so wise! Loves!

  3. It's so true. I think I say it with each passing month. It's something to be treasured but it still seems to go by far too fast no matter how much you focus, pay attention and enjoy each minute. Awe kids...they're the best.