Friday, February 25, 2011

jessica and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (week)

i am all for looking at life through rose colored glasses. i consider my glass half full. give me a bag of lemons and i will be sure to give you lemonade. but this week...this week i just wasn't really feelin' it.

i will spare the details of the beginning of the week, because there are some male readers...but i will say it involved my boob + an infection + misdiagnosis = a little surgery. so needless to say i was feeling a little glum by wednesday. as i sat trying to nurse on my injured side trying not to be a baby, i started thinking that it would really cheer me up to put on my big sparkly engagement ring. i love this ring. it is special for lots of reasons, mainly because my husband used this very ring to ask to spend his life with me, and it would be special if only for that...but it also happens to be a diamond that was past down from my great-grandmother, to my grandmother, and then to me. 

as soon as my little hoover vac of a baby stopped nursing i slid (okay...jammed) the ring onto my finger. it was tight. but my golly it went on. for a fleeting moment i was so happy. i felt like my finger was finally clothed after a month of being naked. but then i i thought...this ring is a little too tight, i should try it again in a few weeks. and i went to take it off. the ring wasn't going anywhere. 

i tried real hard for a few minutes to slide the sucker off...but no. so i ignored the problem, thinking if i gave myself a bit of time and came back to it, i could get it. my finger slowly began to swell. i showed justin. he didn't know what to do either. so we went to bed.

i laid in bed trying to bend my finger, it felt hot and swollen like a bee sting. i asked justin to turn the light back on. we both stared down at my finger. was it looking a little purple? we got out of bed and tried a couple of other tactics, involving oil, then tape, then brute force...nada. the sucker didn't budge and my finger was slowly growing to the size of my big toe. it was time to hit the ER. 

so at 2 am i found myself driving towards the ER to see what they could do....
 notice anything?

 this actually hurt because the pressure was so tight as he cut

this is my sad face, and that is my sad stretched apart ring


  1. Oh. My. Goodness.
    I have nothing better to say, other than holy moly and, if that is your sad face after all that, you're one super tough little cookie!!!!

  2. Oh no! I am so sad for you :( Can the ring be repaired?!?! What a poopy week friend. I love you and am praying that next week goes much much better.

  3. No way. This did not happen. So sorry to hear, but at least you didn't have to get your finger amputated, right? (my attempt at rose-colored glasses). Feel better, Jess.

  4. why am I laughing........ You are such an amazing writer. You are such a trooper and so funny in your writings and in person . And mainly because I am so releaved you didn't loose your finger...... Rings can be repaired, replaced even. We know the history of those diamonds has many chapters. This is a great story book ......The tales of the big fat diamonds.I'm sure you can think of something more catchy.
    Love you.Love your story and glad you are still 10 fingers.:}