Tuesday, March 1, 2011


"are you crazy????"
that is a direct quote from my dear ol' mum when i explained to her what justin and i had just signed up for. and for the record, she did call back and promise to support all my efforts even if they are a bit loony. 

the decision in question is the deschutes dash. all my bend friends have probably heard about it. justin and i both have competed in it in the past, but this time i decided to take on a little more.i signed up for the duathlon...olympic distance. 

that means that i am going to be getting this postpartum booty movin'! a duathlon for this race entails a 3.1 mile run, followed by a 25 mile bike, finished with a 6.2 mile run. no sweat! errrr...

but this is one of my core truths, one of the things that defines my very being, i like me a challenge. seriously, i live for pushing myself, not just physically. i like to push the limits to see how much i can handle, which is funny because then there are other areas of my life that i refuse to take one step out of my comfort zone.

in truth, the reason why this is so rewarding and such a challenge is because this june marks the 7th anniversary of my L4, L5 bilateral fusion. at 20 i got four screws in my back. not only was that real painful, and a sluggish recovery, but i also had to face that there were just some things my body simply could no longer physically do. that's a hard pill to swallow at 20 when you have your whole life ahead of you. but this is a happy ending, because each time i cross a finish line, or meet a goal i've set, it is the sweetest gift. so stay tuned as i whine and complain and celebrate my way through this training time. (which i can't even start for another few weeks but still half of the battle is gettin' my mind ready, right?)


  1. I've hears of it, but when is it?? I fully support you and will be at the finish line. If I had a bike, I may even join you. But I will run with you whenever your here. Way to go best, you're amazing!