Thursday, March 17, 2011

sometimes love hurts...

did you ever watch tiny toons? 
there was a character on there...elmyra 
she was known for her deep love for animals, that actually looked more like animal abuse. her hugs were headlocks, her pats a slap, and her attempts to care for her animals always left someone hurt.
well, i have my own elmyra. her name is mackenzie. and she is in love, big time, with her little sister. she equally loves being the big sister. she likes to have addison watch her do her daily tasks (go potty, bathing, eating). and shouts ever so loudly, "see addison!"  or "see me addison, like this!"

that's not the problem though, that's pretty sweet. the problem is her desire to love on addison. teeth clenched, knuckles white, she gives addison daily...scratch that...hourly doses of elmyra-like affection. it leads to tears (addison, usually hurt or startled) and more tears (mackenzie, confused why sister isn't cooing and smiling at her hugs or fearing she's in trouble). 

i am happy to report, despite these moments of sisterly love,  addison is as happy as ever. 

smiling addie, notice war wound from morning hug

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  1. Oh ,You are too much. Too talented and How I love you all. Ho HO HO HOAHAHAHAHHAHHAH. That was so funny. Poor Addison. She doesn't look to badly abused.
    Love and miss you ,Nana