Monday, April 4, 2011


if you know me at all, then i am sure you have heard me talk about my hometown. it is a point of pride, if you've been there, you know why. and even though i haven't lived there in almost ten years, i always catch myself saying, "i'm goin' home for the weekend" or something like that. 

now having two little gals to tag along with me on my visits makes it extra special. we visit places that are loaded with memories, we have q-time with cousins, and we soak up that vitamin d we've been missing! this time we got to celebrate evelyn may's first year, visit kari sue at her school, and drink lots of yummy coffee from backporch. here are some of my favorite moments from this last visit home....

 papa love

 happy girl, as usual

 nana's sandbox

 addison, life of the party

 i'm not sure what the park's real name is, but i've always known it as the boat park...cause there's a big boat in it. mackenzie thought the boat was a-mazing.

 kenze took this picture herself, i think it is awesome

peyton letting mackenzie know exactly what she her!

 isn't that the best! seriously can't you just feel the love??

 our trip was mostly spent in costume, or dancing

 another little number. avery was real proud because she dressed mackenzie up herself...can you tell?

 view on my morning run

all tuckered out...


  1. Such precious pics! There's truly no place like home...

  2. Sounds like a great trip. can't wait to hear about more of your fav spots! we are headed there this friday-im so excited. :)

  3. Jess - the girls are so dang cute. I can't even stand it! I love Addison's hair.

  4. MAN i don't think these girls can get any cuter! reminds me of us playing in grandma bob's dress up clothes :)