Sunday, April 17, 2011

the ladies...

so last spring i started reading omnivores dilemma. you might have been aware of this because i posted a picture right over there...see it? to the right? well, even though the picture is still there i have read that book and many others since last spring, promise. but this book is worth talking about. you know what many friends have said when i bring up this book? "ohhh, i'm afraid to read that...i don't want to know" which is exactly what i said before i read it. the thing is, once you do read it, you'll want to change a lot about the way you eat. i did. i also would recommend watching the movie food inc. while you're at it. i'm not going to share everything i read, or why i think you should read it too...i simply am going to share some of the things that my family and i have been doing this past year to eat a little more consciously....

  • we made a habit of visiting the farmers market
  • we bought a half a cow (beef) and split it with family from a local farmer
  • we grew our own vegetable garden
  • we ate what's in season
  • we are always working on reducing the amount of processed food we eat
  • we tried to make "it" ourself...bread, ice cream, granola, fruit leather...
and the last thing, our newest  project....

our ladies

come over for fresh eggs in...oh, about four months


  1. NO WAY!!! You guys got baby chicks?!? So rad!!

  2. Jess - I love it! Phily and I watched Food Inc. and we also were motivated to make our own things....I need to check out that book!!! Wish I could get some eggs from you...:)

  3. More people are getting eggs from their own chickens...our local feed store has sold 1500 baby chicks already this spring!!!
    Good for you guys, the more natural, the better for your bodies, you are starting your girls out right!!
    Love you all very much!!
    Grandma Jean

  4. Holy moly! Wow, good for you! I want eggs!