Thursday, April 28, 2011

this and that

this is what i've been up to...

the warm weather last weekend was such a tease! it only reminded me of how painfully desperate i was for blue skies. in the past months i have spent hours walking around my existing garden, staring out the window at the empty garden boxes, and wondering the aisles of home depot...planning my attack on the backyard. here is the official "before" picture

blah. that is how it looked....but after last weekend, and some extra hours this weekend, i will have a little update for you.
the command center for garden planning...blueberries, strawberries, and seeds waiting to be planted!

and in other news....

last thursday was my first day back to work. friends and family kept checking in and asking how i felt about it, and i would say, "oh fine"...but then weird things started happening...
first, i ran out of gas in north portland, the sad part was i had no idea i was even close to empty. luckily my sweet friend was with me and rescued us. then, well, i hit a car... a parked car

it was a taxi actually, and the driver was inside. as were the customers. so on second thought, i might not be as in ship shape as i thought i was with this whole returning-work-thing. this week, thankfully, has been a little less eventful...the mishaps being limited to putting two contacts in one eye without realizing it until i was getting ready to welcome first graders and couldnt see anything (justin had to bring my glasses to work, he hasnt let me leave the house without my glasses in hand since)...oh, and when i forgot my pump and had to turn around half way to school and go get it, making me so late that i literally entered the building as the bell was ringing to commence the day...other than that, smooth sailing. oh and what is the river in egypt called...oh, that's right, da-nile!

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  1. ♥ Hang in there, girl ♥

    And if you need blue skies, you can always book a ticket and bring your sweet girls to play with us at the beach :)