Sunday, March 13, 2011

DIY hair-flowers-things

i was inspired by my gals' hair  
 addison, givin' j. bieber a run for his money

mackenzie is our curly girly
so i thought i'd give these hair-flower-things a shot. they turned out pretty cute, were incredibly easy, and took no time in maybe ten minutes. a great accessory in a bind.

step one: choose your fabric
the flowers can truly be made from scraps...i have a bit of a love affair with fabric so i had plenty on hand to choose from.

step two: cut your circles
i found (by trial and error) that the flowers look best with at least 4 layers of fabric. it also pops when you use different textures. another lesson learned is to put the busiest/smallest print fabric as the first layer, so that the larger patterned prints aren't blocked...duh! (opposite of what i did below). play around with the different sizes you cut, they do not have to be perfect circles by any means. also, using different types of scissors adds some funk. i have a sweet vintage pair of shears from my great-grandma that did the trick

step three: sew circles together
with a simple stitch through the center you can attach all the circles, but i did a large stitch and then cinched it tight and it gave it a gathered/curled-in look.
step four: add buttons
again, i have inherited half of my sewing supplies, and with it, a bunch of fun buttons. i attached the desired button with a hot glue gun.

step five: attach to hair accessories
i picked up a collection of hair things from the dollar store. i attached them with the hot glue gun, positioned asymmetrical. i am still playing around with different size flowers for the bands, so bare with me on some of these pictures. little curly likes the big girl plastic hair bands, and bieber hair girl rocks the soft ones. 

finished product:


  1. love em and kenzie looked so cute today. Good work and Good to see you Jess! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Do those darling girls know how talented their mommy is??? I think you should make a bunch for all the girls and then more to sell. They are so cute and of course having the models you do helps.
    Love you all, Nana

  3. sooo cute!!! ps jess im hosing a giveaway for Portland readers!! :) last day to enter is today! come stop by :)