Saturday, January 15, 2011

nursery reveal

we are ready...
the nursery turned out just right. the best part is we did it on such a small budget (kinda helps that we weren't starting from scratch). there are a few finishing touches that have to wait until we meet baby and find out its gender!!!
let me give you the tour:
view from the door, colors are yellow, brown, orange and cream... my favorites

i recovered the pillow and fell in love with the fabric, so i made the curtains out of the same print

remember the sheets i have that were my grandfather's? well, a dear friend, who is a much better seamstress than i, made the bumper out of one of them, it turned out perfect!

 i bought a plain cream dust ruffle, and then added a little spunk to go with the rest of the room...ignore the wrinkles, i plan on steaming  it

the new diaper bag is actually not a real diaper bag. it is made by a local designer and with waterproof fabric, not to mention it is a fraction of the price of the other diaper bag i was spying.

 my sweet friend gina knit this, no joke! it was one of our first gifts for this little bean and i love love love them!

just a little close up of the no sew curtains i mentioned before, turned out pretty great right?

thanks to my pals who helped! now to get this baby here...


  1. Hey Jess!

    The Arnold ladies think its super cute! We can't wait to meet the little bean :)


  2. You are so awesome cousin!! Love the way you upcycled papa's sheets.

  3. Amazing! How beautifully she arranged the room.

  4. Fantastic best! That baby will be living in style. I adore it.

  5. I can't wait to add some blue or pink.........It looks so beautiful. Nice joy everyone.... send this to Suzanne Brock please. love you ,Mom

  6. looooove it.
    you guys have encouraged me to keep my hope for not finding out the sex of my baby (someday when i'm pregnant :) )
    this room is perfect