Monday, July 25, 2011


i love to create. 
in fact, i believe we were created to create. i love when God is referred to as Creator. and i feel absolutely connected to Him when i myself am creating.  

my two year old is right there with me. she is jumping with joy and high-fiving over blown bubbles, scribbled pieces of paper, forts constructed...because she made it. my husband is known for looking over something with great attention, only to give a sure nod of the head and a simple, "i could make that". and he could. 

i also know not all of us create in an outward, product driven way. we create relationships. we cook food for those we love. we plan an evening or a trip. it is in us.

this passion has taken many forms in my life. and what i lack in skill, i make up for with sheer pleasure! sewing, knitting, crocheting, building, designing...and now to add to the list- photographing.

i don't need to add another "hobby" to the list. my life is full in every sense of the word. however, i simply delight in learning another way to express beauty, love, faith... it's in me, i can't (don't want to) fight it. 

on sunday i took my first photography class with my new camera and i was reminded of the joy the act of creating gives me. i was giddy. my smile muscles hurt from over use. i was inspired. see kir's blog, restored style,  here to catch what we were up to. the instructor, leela, was a gem. talk about a gal who can create!

here are some pictures i took sunday:

more to come...


  1. PAL! You are are so talented with your new camera! I love your snaps!!! So great!

  2. Jess, these are BEAUTIFUL! The lighting is awesome and the colors are incredible, it's like i could reach out and grab a blueberry! YUMM! I want the bottom one in my house!

  3. I look forward to seeing more of your Create-tions. To add to your list of creative things you have done is this blog. I love your writing and I see a book with Illustraions (possible drawn or photographed)in your future. I also think you have created with the help of your husband two absolutely adorable, beautiful daughters. xo

  4. Nice Jess! What type of camera did you get?

  5. Larisa,
    I got a canon rebel. love it!

  6. Canon Rebels rock!! Beautiful shots!! Keep 'em comin'!