Monday, July 11, 2011

reading. it rocks my world. justin knows that if i have a new book in hand, something i'm real excited about, i might be MIA while i power through said book in a day.
i love going to the bookstore. the smells of the books. the shelves neatly organized by author's last name. places like powell's (serious love here). the feeling that there is a hidden treasure to find down those aisles. i love when reading a good book, i can be a million miles away and it feels so dang good.
i've always been this way. and i am crossing my fingers that my girls will love it too.                                                              
some of my favorite reads

favorite series: i first must say, i love a good series because when you close the book there is the next one waiting and it makes me happy. harry potter...hands down.
favorite love story: tie between pride and prejudice & the time traveler's wife
favorite classic: oliver twist
favorite childhood: anne of green gables. this also wins for most times read.
favorite picture book: the giving tree
latest favorite: I'm currently reading eragon (the inheritance cycle) and am totally into it.
favorite nonfiction: under the banner of heaven
favorite "spiritual" book: (other than the bible, duh) ragamuffin gospel

***note, these choices are ever changing***

other favs:
  • snowflower and the secret fan 
  • the history of love
  • the art of racing in the rain
  • secret garden
  • emma
  • the lotus eaters
  • tales of the fourth grade nothing
  • clan of the cave bear series
  • shadow of the wind
  • wrinkle in time
  • little women
  • the brief and wondrous life of oscar wao
  • eight cousins
  • glass castle
  • water for elephants
  • roll of thunder hear my cry
  • hunger games
  • the girl with a dragon tattoo
  • matilda
  • don't let the pigeon drive the bus


  1. Where did you come from??? I am so glad you have this world as sometimes we need a really big break from this one that faces us daily. You are a better person for all your read I think. Look what you give those kids you teach...... a passion that could change their lives and bring them into another world as well. Good Job Jess. Proud as usual.

  2. Good faves! Even though I don't read nearly as much as you do, I am proud that most of your faves are books I have actually read and loved too. I guess we are BFFs afterall ;) I have the next 2 Inheritance Cycle books if you want to borrow them (unless you decide to do audio book).