Thursday, July 21, 2011

let's vote on it!

dear friends,
    i have been searching and searching for a perfect half marathon to run this october. i cannot decide. i would very much love for you to weigh in on the subject. or perhaps you would like to run it with me? please give me your honest vote for which race i should commit to.


1. columbia gorge marathon/half marathon (hood river)
pros: beautiful location, we could make a fun weekend of it (picking an apples and pumpkins)
cons: windy/hilly course, we could go there to pick apples and pumpkins with or without a race

2. girlfriend's half marathon (vancouver, wa)
pros: it would be cool to participate in an all women's race (especially one that supports breast cancer research), close by, sounds like a nice course

3. run like hell half marathon (portland, or)
pros: no traveling involved, sounds fun,
cons: nighttime race???, i've run this course/similar course before


  1. I've never run a marathon, or a half... but I'll weigh in. :-) I think the Columbia Gorge because it's unique to Oregon and no matter where life takes you, you'll have this lasting memory of experiencing the beautiful Gorge in this special way.

  2. Nah, don't do the one at the Gorge. The girlfriends one sounds awesome and really it's not far to travel. If you don't want to run at night, I vote that you do that one. What's the date? MAYBE I will do it with you (holy crap!). Another con of the Halloween one (is it actually on halloween?) is that you wouldn't want to miss prime trick or treating fun with Kenze.

  3. And I'm going to say do the run like hell. Just so you have a third person sticking up for the run that got left out. :)

  4. You all are not making this an easier decision! Sheesh!

  5. I vote the gorge. It would be the most fun, and yes challenging. I also like the ideas of apple picking and whatever else. Probably would be warm enough to camp, maybe. When in October?
    Finally, your run your decision.