Thursday, June 30, 2011

the year of races...

lately (finally!!!) i have some time on my hands. can you tell? i have been blogging more. 
anyways. while my girls sleep and i am here on assignment (more on that later) i have gotten way too into a few blogs (checkout runninghood & tall mom on the run). both are running blogs. and i am inspired. and i want to challenge myself. and it has to do with running. and i have a great idea... well i hope it's a great idea.

but first, a few truths about me and running. i have a love/hate relationship with running. i love the way i feel when i have found my stride, when i am lovin' my playlist, when my mind is focused, and the way i breathe when i am all done running. i hate the first three minutes, how fast i lose my endurance, and how hard i have to work to get it back. i am a slow runner. if i am going to do my below challenge...i need to do some extra work (more on that later) to make sure i don't kill myself or my back. my longest  race was a half-marathon, and for now that is as long as i want to train for. i love driving to a new spot to run, checking out different parts of the city, running in an unfamiliar location makes it feel exciting and new.

so this is the challenge: starting this month i will participate in one race (of varying lengths and locations) for 12 months. whataya think? i listed ones that i am thinking about doing...and have already registered for july and august's races. if you have any input please share! (and yes, i know this can get a little spendy, but my gym membership is currently on hold so i think it is a win/win)
why?-- i'm not sure if it is just one reason. i think the biggest reason is that for the past three years my body has either housed, or fed another being...and i would like to reclaim it. i also don't/won't workout just for the heck of it, i need a goal-something to work towards.

July: deschutes dash 10k (i changed my duathlon. i just couldnt' get the time to train on the bike)
August: haulin aspen 7 miler
October: half marathon?? (i was going to try  a half in august but that wasn't realistic)
November: maybe a turkey day race
December: maybe a jingle bell run
March: shamrock
May: thinking either the rock n roll half or the avenue of the giants half
July: I think I would like to redo the Deschutes Dash 10k and see the difference a year would make  :) we go!


  1. I think there are still spots open for the Girlfriend's Half Marathon (all women) in Vancouver, WAshington in October! This is a great goal you have!! :)

  2. This is great Jess! I come from a family of runners - they are always doing races! In fact, my Aunt heads up a race called Run Girlfriend Run out in Sandy. I think it is usually in May, it's a shorter race (5k & 10k). She works at Mt. Hood Athletic should check that one out! :)

  3. Oh my goodness Jessica YOU ARE NUTS! That was the LAST thing i thought the post would conclude with! I actually had to read it 4 TIMES to make sure i read it race EVERY MONTH!

    I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! You're going to do great and you've got an army of cheerleaders behind you!!

    Love g