Monday, June 6, 2011


it all started on a drive home from bend. justin asked me to get out a piece of paper and record as he dictated his "simple pleasures in life". i laughed and went along with it, but soon found myself commenting and adding in pieces until the list had filled both sides of the paper. the items ranged from places, to people, to objects, to also made me so aware of how well justin and i knew each other...and it always feels amazing to be truly known doesn't it? we have continued to come back to the list since that drive. i have created my own list of favorite things. this weekend we decided to share our top tens with you...our community. our goal in sharing is to invite you into the conversation, what makes you tick? what do you hold dear?

justin started his earlier this week, you can check it out here:

my #10
i love it because...
the stillness....or the smell of raw earth, evergreen trees, and sunscreen...maybe the campfire...or the miles and miles of beauty...and also the time away from our busy lives...perhaps the excuse to not worry about make up or hair/appearances...definitely the food (all the yummy things we normally don't eat).
whatever the reason, i am drawn to the simplicity of life while camping. i feel like i breathe deeper, i can sit still and be content doing so. seriously, good for the soul kinda stuff.

what place brings you back to life? leaves your insides humming? 

pictures from last summer's camp out 

 elk lake at sunrise

 mist coming off the lake

 mackenzie eating dirt for breakfast

 the views...

 hammocks and snuggle time

 catching crawdads

the family ready for a troll on the lake, everything moves slow here (even the boats) and that's the point

 crawdads all cooked up and ready to eat! (i passed)


  1. wonderful pics jess! love the lake pictures. phily and i are loving living on the lake, we get to go on the boat pretty much every night after dinner. :) we take it nice and slow too (gotta love that trolling motor!). we have gotten in some good fishing and viewed some gorgeous sunsets!!! great idea....i am excited to see more! :)

  2. Hi Jess. Great to hear from you! So glad Gina connected us. ;) Thanks for the comment and the great info! I think I'm going to sign up for the all women's triathlon at Blue Lake at the end of July! :) Excited to try something new! :)