Wednesday, June 1, 2011

coffee with mackenzie

i'm baking pies today. as i was getting my ingredients out, mackenzie was dashing to her kitchen to cook along side me. she busied herself pulling every piece of play food out of the cabinets and slamming her kitchen doors. then she brought tray after tray of "treats" to the dining room table and when i sat down she was ready to serve me.

first were the lettuce cookies. she assured me they were very good and good for me too! she poured me coffee (water from her sippy cup into her tea cup). as i was bringing it to my lips she snatched it from my hands crying, "wait! it's too hot!" and blew (a little spit and a lot of air) into the cup. while she was cooling my cup, i was instructed to hold her cup. "no drink it, it's for big girls", she said giving me the look. (don't know where she learned it, but it reminds me of a teacher look that would stop 6 year olds in mid step)

coffee was such a hit, she decided we needed seconds. she poured all the water from her sippy cup into her two tea cups, hitting her target only half the time. "oh no! it's messy" she yelled and starts frantically mopping up the puddle of water with her napkin and then my anthropologie sweater.

coffee time ended because i was laughing so hard mackenzie/my barista sent me to the calm chair.

cheers to more coffee dates with my girls!


  1. Haha! What a cutie. I love that you had to go to the calm chair.

  2. Can I have the recipe for lettuce cookies. So loved this weekend with all the girls. Hugs to you all.Nana