Monday, June 27, 2011


here are a few music confessions:

when i was little i would pretend my life was a movie and i would pick songs to go with different scenes, you know like a soundtrack...oh don't tell me you didn't do it too

i still have all my fresh prince and jazzy jeff cds and have been known to break out "parents just don't understand" on a whim.

when i was in the third grade, at least twice a week i would wear overalls with only one side buckled...inspired of course by my fav boy band, new kids on the block

which brings me to what's really on my mind...

what's on your playlist? do you have "go-to" workout songs that find their way onto every new playlist you create? me too. there are a few standbys that i simply depend on to get me through a hard workout. and it's funny, because as soon as the song comes on my whole stride changes...

for example:

when this song is playing i literally have to clench my fist to keep from doing my own drum solo mid run. my running starts to resemble dancing and i am 5 years old again dancing in the living room with my mom.

or this one. straight faced, running hard, feeling tough and hardcore.

and of course this one makes me smile...and cop a little attitude

recently i have fallin' in love with this song and have been skipping ahead to it just to get me going. love love love it.

i'm curious. what are your go-to songs that get you through?


  1. When I need a little attitude adjustment it is .............don't laugh "People" or Alfie or what the world needs now is Love sweet Love.... or when I am into my hard rocking up lift me mood it is Mic of course the Jagger man. or I've got a new attitude and My last favorite is Girls just want to have funun oh yeah girls just want to have fun. For my movie which must be genetic it has been playing me of course thru the decades, Jane Fonda, Shirley McClain, Jessica Lange ,Meg Ryan and lets see???????????? That is about all the vanity I can muster at this moment. Fun to hear your singing brain. Love you ,MOM

  2. Jessica, I LOVE Rolling in the Deep...never seen the video until this morning, so thanks for posting!! I definitely need to add that to my workout playlist.

    Anything with Beyonce will kick my butt in a workout...especially, Single Ladies.

    Great post!

  3. Love this! I soooo need a playlist since I'll be running my first race with music this Monday. Thanks for the links here!!