Friday, June 24, 2011

oh kick my buns!

seriously! being a mom is tough. that really has been my main and constant thought these past few weeks.  i have always taken the role of motherhood seriously, even before mackenzie was in our arms  justin and i would spend hours and hours talking through our goals in parenting, our ideas and philosophies. and we are still there, discussing and dissecting what we want to be about as parents...i think we'll continue to do this until both are girls are in college...
but even with all these good intentions, books read, advise followed...
there are days (or weeks) where i feel like i am falling just short (or way short) of the kind of mom i want to be. i am impatient with kenze, i forget to be silly and play, my kids become my accessories as i bounce from one thing to the next, and i find myself worrying through the details. 
our latest challenge is with miss addie joy. she has reflux. i mean sister can PUKE! and it has taken all of her 5 months to figure out the best treatment. i think we're there, i'm hoping we're there. and the last few weeks have been the hardest with her and her little spewin' problem.

so for now my goals are to keep addison on her latest/greatest schedule. keep pumpin' the meds. blow some raspberries on mackenzie's tummy.give lots of big sloppy kisses. say our bedtime prayers. and accept that falling short is part of the gig...right?


  1. You my dear Dauther are on the road to Excellence and it is paved with alot of doubt, second guessing, and eating humble pie. I appreciate your insight and honesty about the parenting thing. Only want to add you are never as bad or as good as you may think. I love you and I love those adorable cherubs. xoxoxo MOM

  2. great post Jess. :) love you

  3. Agreed. I often feel the very same so it's reassuring to hear others have those moments as well.