Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hello summer!

justin got back from camp yesterday. we were so happy to have him home. it feels like now summer can really begin! oh wait, it's august.

this summer has been a blur.

something i missed noting on the blog.....addison's half birthday (7.20.11) what? you don't celebrate half birthdays? lame, you should.

look at this little angel!

she loves to eat. like seriously adores it. she starts to frantically whimper when i am taking too long getting the spoon in the mouth. imagine that, my daughter enjoys food, who would have thought...

 this was what last night looked like (remember, it was our first night of summer...kinda)


  1. Oh my goodness, Jessica these photos are BEAUTIFUL! They capture so well the sweet charm of your kiddos. I especially LOVE the second picture of Addison (food monster) and the last picture of Kenz, you are SO talented!!

  2. I agree. Nice Nice beautiful photos but what would you expect with the incredibly adorable subject Matter. Love those babies and you . Glad Justin is home and yes we all feel like where did summer go.