Friday, August 26, 2011

mackenzie + running = red face

jogging while pushing two kids in my 34 pound stroller is no easy task. i am red faced, dripping sweat, and gasping for breath! but lately my red face has been not just from the hard work. mackenzie's little quips from the stroller have been slightly embarrassing!

some silly things that came out of her mouth on today's run:
M: "mom, are you sweating yet?"
me: "yup"

M (pointing at a passing running): "ew! look he's really sweating, why is he all wet like that?"
me: "he's running really fast that's why"

M (pointing to a little girl who is crying on the trail) "why is that girl crying? she's okay." (and then starts waving frantically at the crying girl) "hi" (girl hides her face from us and continues to wail)
M: why she no wave at me?

M: "mom are you walking?"
me: "no, i am running"
M: "oh. (pause). really mom?"

M: (while passing a man who was an obvious smoker): "ew! that guy's stinky!!!"
me-picking up the pace and hoping he didn't hear.

M: (pointing to a woman biking past): "that lady needs her exercise"
i'm not sure where she got this one...maybe because we talk about exercise a lot at home, in response to the ever present "why".."why you doing that?" when mommy or daddy is running, lifting weights, doing a dvd...we always reply back, "oh, we need to our exercise"

seriously folks, good thing she is stinkin' cute....

and while i'm on the subject of cute...check out these amazing pics that our friend missy took a few weeks ago. missy is a photographer, and spent an afternoon with us capturing moments of miss kenzie at this precious age. check out missy's website:

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  1. I had to gather myself together after that hysterical entry. What a crack up. So the "Why" stage has begun. SO much fun to hear their curiosity as they start seeing the world and commenting on it. Love that, and Those girls and love the pics. SHe is so adorable and so happy. So proud of you parents.
    xo Nana