Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mom's 60th

my mom celebrated her 60th year yesterday. our plans changed about 50 times but to be expected with this family. in honor of her birthday and how very special she is to me, here is a little list of allmy favorite things about that woman:

  • she listen really good (actually she does it for a living)

  •  she is goofy

  •  she is passionate

  • she is so good at loving people

  •  she knows how to sail

  • she babies me when i'm sick, or down, or just feeling like a baby

  • she LOVES her grandchildren

  •  her nostrils flair when she laughs

  •  she makes a mean porkchop

  •  she knows how to have a good time

  •  she wears wild clothes

  •  she is a dreamer

  •  when she is mad, it never lasts long

  •  she knows me inside and out

  •  when she drinks coffee it is the most fun

  •  she sends holiday cards for valentines and halloween, who does that?

  •  she is mushy

  •  she is so mushy she cries when anyone sings her happy birthday or gives her a card

  •  she got voted best nose in the 7th grade...and she does have the best nose!

  •  she is healthy

  •  she is a loyal friend

  • she has an open mind

  • she drives fast

  •  she loves to eat

  • she is a great dancer
  • when i was little, she would let me have "mental health days" off of school
  • i don't mind that she is late anymore...most of the time
  • she values her family
  • she is a romantic
  • she makes me laugh
  • she supports me in my newest role as "mom"
happy birthday mom! i'm glad you were born


  1. Happy Birthday Nancy!!! You are an amazing woman indeed and so much fun :)