Monday, May 31, 2010

children's museum

justin had the day off. we actually had the whole weekend together, minus one teeny meeting. it was wonderful! that is the true blessing in disguise to busy schedules, the time we have together is a gift! we spent the weekend crossing things off our "to do list". that doesn't sound fun, but it was...maybe i am confusing the feelings of joy and accomplishment, i guess for me they are closely related. 

anyway. today we took mack to the children's museum. we are members there. impressive. it was actually the first time since we bought our membership that we were there together. it was so much fun. each time we go mack is able to enjoy more activities than the last visit, at first she could barely spy over the sides of the water area. the pictures below are the highlights, i apologize for the poor cellphone quality, our camera battery was dead.

the dig pit. it is made out of this great rubbery material. although slightly dangerous as it attracts hyped seven year olds with shovels.

water works. mackenzie's favorite spot. she loves to be wet and to get others wet, which doesn't really  make her a favorite with the other kids.

"play it again" theater.again forgive the quality of this picture. but seriously, how could i leave this out? this was at the theater area. she was working that cape. she also mesmerized by the production being put on by the other kids. there was another little boy, maybe five, he had a matching cape on. he was loving mackenzie, giving her hugs and adding to her costume-- so cute.

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