Saturday, May 29, 2010

what a difference a paver makes

remember a few weeks back when i went a little crazy? no...well, maybe this will refresh the image.

in the midst of grief i became slightly destructive. justin, wonderful man that he is, didn't say a word at our torn apart front porch. he also didn't raise a brow when it stayed that way for weeks. i finally had my fill and was ready to recreate the damage.

this is what we started with this morning. (ignore the front plant, those are awaiting a transplant). justin and i after some compromise of vision went to lowe's to get supplies. i acted as supervisor and errand girl during the process.

step one: level area and fill with crushed rock...check

step two: cover with paver sand and level once more....check

step three: lay pavers and level just for good measure...check

 step four: measure measure measure level level measure level and repeat...check

 step five: arrange rock (again an exercise of compromise) and perform test run...check

step six: enjoy!

justin is going to repair the cement around the porch that was damaged in my destruction derby. overall our little saturday project was a complete success.



  1. That is beautiful!! Grandma Scott

  2. You did a GREAT job!!! And you don't have to worry about watering the plants!!
    Love you, Grandma Jean

  3. Very, very nice! Great job, Scotts.

  4. looks awesome. great job Scott Family!

  5. This looks amazing!!! We just did a patio with these square concrete pavers and rock and LOVE how it looks. So much more contemporary than traditional pavers. Way to go...