Saturday, May 22, 2010

garden heaven

i was driving home today and spotted a small sign that said plant sale. i called justin to see if he'd join me and we headed over to the sale right before it closed. our timing couldn't have been any better. there was only an hour left of the sale, and all of the plants were half off. even more amazing was their prices to start. gallon buckets of raspberries for three dollars, we nabbed 'em for a buck fifty! i was in garden heaven. the sale was put on by beaverton garden association, which means there were about fifteen grandmas manning the joint. they picked up on my frenzy and started throwing in free plants. they were so excited about my enthusiasm, and my cute daughter may have helped sweeten the deal too. all that to say, i drove away spending a whopping twenty bones on plants that would have been easily over one hundred dollars at a nursery. and yes, i signed up for the mailing list.
here's a look at my new friends:
("aster" grows into a fairly large bush with cute daisy-like pink/purple flowers)

("epimedium" is a blooming ground cover that grows perfect in those shady hard to grow places)

("feverfew" also has daisy like blossoms, this guy was new to me)

 ("gooseneck" and that is just what this will look also is known for being invasive, maybe that's why it was free)

("japanese iris" not sure if this will be where they stay, but love these dramatic gems)

  ("lilac"check out this little champ--from the looks of it, it might be awhile before we see any sweet blooms)

(raspberries yum!)

("st. john's wort" will be sportin' sweet yellow flowers in the summer)

 ("yellow wood violets" will go perfect with its new neighboring columbine)

earlier this week i was lured into a garden sidewalk sale with promises of great prices. i spent four times as much on these little guys as i did on today's steals! lesson learned.
 ("burning heart" hybrid cousin to bleeding heart)

 ("helleborus" grows like a champ in the shade)

(tomatoes--i am working on some seedlings too, but wanted some variety)

("oak leaf hydrangea" i mistook this for a regular hydrangea until i took a good look at it, i still think i will enjoy it--the hunt is on still for a hydrangea)

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