Monday, July 9, 2012

auténtica aventura

justin and i decided we needed to get out of san miguel for the day and do something with our girlies. the sun was blazing and navigating the city streets just seemed like too much today.we headed to xote (cho-te), san miguel's very own water park...what an adventure.
there she is...xote!
we coerced the girls down a few water slides, splashed around, and relaxed in the chill water. the park was clean and colorful (notice the disney garbage cans below). justin, brave man that he is, hit up all the big slides, while i was content to float in the baby pool with my gals.
our friendly trash cans, who says clean up isn't fun?

they're smiling, proof we didn't traumatize them too bad going down slides
our big excitement was when it was time to go home, we were on a bit of a schedule as we didn't want to miss gringo bingo (no, i am not joking), at our favorite little restaurant, los milagros.
i asked the worker at the water park, in my broken spanish, where we could catch the bus back to the city. i understood half his directions and set out down the winding path, through the door and to the left, with my fam in tow. we paused at the road and scanned in both directions, nothing but a dried river bed and an old rancho. no cars, no people, no signs. two dogs, who looked to have just given birth, sidled up to us. i envisioned addie being pulled down to the river bed by her ankle. but not to worry, justin chased them away with a threatening stance and a brick.
we stood waiting...on the side of the the middle of mexico...completely alone. and i wondered if we were crazy. finally, the bus did come by and pick us up, it turns out they pull over whenever they see people along the road, so no need to find the bus stop when you're out in the country. we were the only gringos on the bus and the farmers and workers going into town eyeballed us with curiosity. half way back to town i noticed their expressions change to half smiles and small chuckles at addison's shouts of glee as we hit speed bumps, and her "weeeee" as we rounded the bend. she was pretty hard to resist in her green hulk shirt and french braids.

we're planning on visiting xote again next week, and of course, we'll take the bus home.
fuelin' up for bingo, baby!!


  1. Makes me miss being there as if I wasn't already. I hope you get into some spanish class sooner than later. Your bus experience is a great sign that more spanish can always help, especially in those situations.
    Love to you all , Miss you tons. Stay safe and keep having big fun.
    You all deserve it!!!

  2. You're so funny. What a fun little fam you have. I miss you all! Glad you're having blast!