Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eating our way through San Miguel

i had this big idea that i would be blogging all the time while i was here, but in reality blogging uses up family time. it also just doesn't quite feel right to do when i have been so disconnected from technology. however, when i sat down today to write out what we've done the past few days, i was shocked to find it is all one big blur. did we go to mega on wednesday or thursday? when did we eat that chicken mole? so i am trying to strike a balance of freedom and also keeping record of our stay here, because let's be honest...i'm already planning my return visit.  
having such a great time!
not surprisingly, much of our journey post thus far have been where or what we've eaten. our knowledge of the city isn't the only thing that is expanding on this trip...whew! we've been eating!

our restaurants so far:

buenas dias: breakfast...delicious! a must for a peaceful breakfast. 
cafe santa ana: cafe in the biblioteca. yummy food, great atmosphere. the perfect spot to munch while you read a book. 
a library. coffee. food. fountain. sunshine. perfect.
mama mia: we got a big pizza however it was not our favorite, but we'll try it again as pizza is a must for the hubs. 
la posidita: roof top date night. delish. beautiful. really reasonable! we'd been there before on our first visit to san miguel, but hadn't realized it until we were up top, looking out at the perroquia.
view from table (source)
cumpanio: great bakery! baguettes and rolls, but also lots of yummy oils and sweets too. we've been back daily since the find. 
la ventana: my sweet friend who lived here (who we visited on our first trip to san miguel) told me this was a must, and it is really great coffee. turns out that being from portland has turned me into a bit of a coffee snob.

coffee that doesn't disappoint
los milagros: i would go back here just to hang with the staff. they were so sweet to our kids, encouraged us in our spanish, and the food was wonderful too! great family place, as you can see they let mackenzie put on her own show (with the help of little sister)

cafe muro: breakfast done right! fresh squeezed orange juice, house made rolls and awesome service.
el pegaso: such a cozy atmosphere. it was dumping rain this afternoon, flooding the streets and making us run for cover! pegaso was the perfect spot to find refuge. we had a comfy corner table and the menu is quite an eclectic assortment of food from asian, mexican, and american, sounds like a catch all but it all was great!
watching the river of water flow down the streets at pegaso

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  1. So much fun and so so yummy! I love Kenzie's bow, haha!